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On Sunday mornings & Wednesday nights, we cherish our times of teaching/learning. The White House Youth Group will challenge every preconceived notion of what it means to go to "Bible Class" by making it relevant, fun, meaningful, creative, and alive. We meet in the teen room which is the last classroom on the right in the educational building at 9:30 on Sundays and 6:30 on Wednesdays


God has been using camp to bless the young AND old of White House for decades. If you asked any random teen in the youth group, "What's your favorite week of the year?" The answer will almost always be, "Camp!" The main reason for that is the love that one literally feels walking among the fields, visiting the cabins or dining in the mess hall. It is almost impossible not to learn something powerful about God's heart for community at our yearly summer camp. You can ask just about anybody and they will tell you: Camp is as close as you're gonna get to heaven on earth.


Each year we provide the members of the youth group with numerous opportunities for service through mission trips, our Nashville work camp, and smaller chances to serve God by serving people. However, at White House, we hope that our students have grown in their walk with God to the point that the church does not have to provide opportunities for service. It is our hope that our teens will find many opportunities on their own in their day to day lives.  



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